Roll up, roll up! Get your Alan Partridge wallpaper here

To celebrate the successful return of Norwich’s favourite son to our TV screens two Midlands creative businesses have produced a limited-edition wallpaper.

Entitled The Five Faces of Alan, the new wallpaper captures some of comedian Steve Coogan’s best loved moments from the last 28 years.

Each expression comes with its own unique reference, with fans able to choose their favourite moment from the show or ask for a combination of all five.

The five options are: Dan, Spiiike, Can I get some water please?, Zombie Alan and Moooo! The current design sees Alan’s trademark looks appear in a Shining inspired hexagonal pattern.

Brainchild of Stuart Haynes, founder of Birmingham-based Big Bear Comms, and Zeyad Ahmad, production manager at Nottingham’s Midcity Signage, the new wallpaper, has been designed as a homage to one of Britain’s best loved comic creations.

Speaking about the reasons behind the new wallpaper, Big Bear Comms Founder, Stuart Haynes, said: “Alan has now been on the airwaves for just under 30 years, throughout which he has remained the consummate broadcaster (unlike Dimbleby).

“In Partridge, creators Richard Herring, Stewart Lee, Armando Iannucci and Steve Coogan have established not only one of the best comic characters of all time, but an in-built protection against the rise of populist leaders such as Donald Trump. The fact that Trump supporters continue to back him, despite his consistent use of Alanisms seems unfathomable here in the UK. From Moseley’s black shirts through to Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson, we’ve always had a healthy disregard of those who take themselves too seriously and Alan is a great example of that.”

Zeyad added: “This new design has been created to celebrate all that is Alan. It’s available as a choice of either peel on peel off high quality PhotoTex, or standard pasted wallpaper. We’ve already had a request from one Alan fan near Plymouth for 50 rolls, enough to paper the upstairs of a three-bed semi-detached house!

“We have a large format printer at our site in Nottingham and thanks to advances in printing technology we can now provide people with the custom wallpaper they want, no matter how ludicrous the design. Whether it’s a wall of Deidre Barlows, a beautiful Ibiza sunset or Graham Norton doing a cheeky salsa, we can create designs that match people’s personalities and interests.”

Retailing at approximately £50 per square meter the new wallpaper can be ordered from:




To find out more contact Stuart Haynes at Big Bear Comms

07402 394 013

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